Monadnock Energy Resources Initiative  - Bringing neighbors-helping-neighbors weatherization trainings and barn-raiser solar hot water installations to the Monadnock region
Thank you for organizing the Button Up NH Workshop in Keene.  I found it tremendously informative.  I have passed on that information to my friends and family. 
Henry Underwood
Southwest Region Planning Commission
MERI generously selected The River Center for weatherization work this past year. This involved bringing their expertise and volunteers to our building to assess the needs and then fix many of the issues. They plugged air leaks between the attic and the office areas,filled holes between the rocks in the foundation, dug a drainage ditch to drain groundwater away from the cellar.
Thank you for all the hard work and for making us more energy efficient!  
Margaret  Nelson    
Executive Director
The River Center
Peterborough, NH
We were thrilled with the info and the experience.  
Fixing these drafts was certainly the height of our weekend and might have been the most effective action I’ve taken to protect the environment.
Mike Conley, 
Milford, NH home owner
The solar hot water system is working wonders!
Thanks to everyone on the install crew for all their help and for making this dream come true for us!
Gary Nielsen, 
Temple, NH homeowner
Thank you for all of the great work you did helping to make us warmer, saving us money and making the planet a little bit greener.
It was your initiative that got our energy efficiency effort started and moving forward.
Kristen Vance
Executive Director
The Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center
Antrim, NH   

Thank you so much for a fantastic day. We are so thankful for all of the time and expertise you provided and all of the equipment you brought to work on the project. I was so impressed with everyone's quick thinking . Thanks for putting in a huge day!
It looks great and it was wonderful working and talking with you all. I have only wonderful things to say about working with MERI.
Scott Maslansky
Homeowner for Solar Barn-Raiser
Dublin, NH