Monadnock Energy Resources Initiative  - Bringing neighbors-helping-neighbors weatherization trainings and barn-raiser solar hot water installations to the Monadnock region
                                           MERI is....  
a grassroots, non-profit organization,  helping communities in the Monadnock region build energy independence and strengthen their sustainability. 

Barn-raiser solar hot water installations are community building events. They save costs for the homeowner--with friends, neighbors, professional and non-pro volunteers all pitching in--and they're  fun! 

Free full-day hands-on weatherization  workshops, led by BPI Certified Energy Auditors, give participants training and practice in the safe use of weatherization techniques they can take home to lower their energy usage and fuel bills.  In the process, they simultaneously upgrade the energy efficiency of the building they're training in and lower its carbon footprint.
Upper photos - Homeowner and volunteers installing a flat panel solar hot water system on a 45 degree pitch roof in Temple, led by Paul Liscord, owner of the eco-conscious construction company, Mulberry Tree Builders.  Scaffolding was essential!
Below left - 65 participants attending an advanced 201 Button UP NH Weatherization Workshop in Milford, led by Andy Duncan, BPI Certified Energy Auditor and Trainer. 
Below right - Andy Duncan, again.  Here he is leading the first of two free full-day, hands-on weatherization trainings we held at the River Center in Peterborough.  At the start of the training, Andy demonstrated the diagnostic capabilities of the blower door test to determine the degree of air infiltration in the building and pinpoint areas of  energy leakage that require remedies.
Bottom left - Ted Stiles, also a BPI Certified Energy Auditor, teaching volunteers how to air seal the cracks where cold air comes in at one of three full-day weatherization trainings we held at the Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center in Antrim.
Bottom right - Volunteers wrapping insulation around heating pipes in the basement of the Grapevine Center to contain heat/prevent heat loss.

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